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Gift a Shave Club Yearly Subscription

Superstar razor refiils


60 - Refills/12 Cartridges

18 - 5oz organic shave soaps

  1 - Disc Handle

  1 - Travel Cap Cover

  1 - Shower Bulter Bag



$10.40 per month.

$2.60 per week.

$5.40 per cartridge.

$3.33 per soap bar.

$1.08 per blade refill/$6 shaves.

$0.18 cents per day.



Value $180


Made in USA.

Free Shipping!



Gift a Shave Club Yearly Subscription

  • Give an awesome gift that keeps on giving! Hey if you want to purchase it for yourself we completely understand.


    Get our shave soaps full set with your year supply of 60 refills. 52 weeks of shaving & give your skin an organic wash that hydrates, soothes, nurishes, and heals.. 


    You saved an additional $65 + get a bonus shower butler bag, travel cap cover + handle & our full collection of shave soaps offered at half the price!


  • 5 Star Elements collection of soaps.

    9 Tropical Hawaiian island scents bar soap

    9 Tropical Hawaiian island scents loofah bar.  

    Star & Loofah bars 9 each.

    We will send an assortment of what is currently in stock.


    Awapuhi, Bamboo Charcoal, Coconut Vanilla, Gardenia, Hibiscus Acai, Island Paradise, Jasmine, Mango Papaya, Passion Fruit, Pineapple Mango, Plumeria. 

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